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Anaconda  > Booty

I’ve always been a JLo fan….but I cant stand behind this “Booty” video with Iggy Azaelea. It’s just atrocious. There is absolutely no originality. It’s just camera shots of her ass. No choreography. Boring as fuck. Kiss your music career goodbye Jenn, it’s pretty much over now.

Lmfao I just caught two people on the ferry trying to do that “Girlfriend leading boyfriend to new adventure” pose that’s everywhere on Tumblr.

Where are you going?! The Hudson River? We on a boat gurl! 

Anonymous asked: Yes because the whole world basks under the light that is bionic -eye roll- Seriously tho. Artpop is a flop, I hate the new gaga. But don't get cute, Christiana Aguilera's music is beyond irrelevant and no one cares other then her weak ass desperate fans (you) So fuck off basically. Go back to cleaning toilets. Lol.

Bitch what are you even talking about? Do you not understand wtf sarcasm is. Lmao does “Bionic paved the way for future flop albums” sound like im RAVING about Xtinas music? Lol like sit the fuck down with your dumb ass and go back to stalking my page on the low. Don’t forget to like my selfies.
Thanks bae.

Uh no, “4” is nowhere near the flop level that was “Bionic” and “Artpop”. 4 won Bey a grammy.


What a cute family

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"Bionic" by Christina Aguilera paved the way for future flop albums like "Artpop" tbh.


Hey Arnold!, “Olga Comes Home”

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Miss Martian was thirsty as hell for Superboy. Damn.


Wonder Woman will not stand for your shaming bullshit


It’s ok Bruce. You know what they say. Slow and steady wins the race


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An alternate universe where Bruce Wayne died instead of his parents. Causing his father Thomas Wayne to become Batman and his mother Martha to go insane and become the Joker.

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I finished all seasons of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited on netflix. Just an amazing show. I love Marvel, but Justice League was by far the best superhero cartoon that was on tv. Too bad they haven’t been able to make movies of this caliber (aside from the Dark Knight).

Now I must finish Young Justice

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